Media Kit information

The Elkins Community Network has several sponsorship opportunities for our events and initiatives. We are a 501c3 nonprofit organization and therefore will be following sponsorship guidelines as opposed to “ads”. What does that mean? Blogs, display spots in our newsletter, and other sponsorship opportunities must feature information only and no calls to action or prices.

Contact us at if you want to secure a sponsorship spot in an upcoming newsletter. Sponsorship donations can be made by following the link at the bottom of the page.

Information about sponsoring specific events will be on those event pages.

Information below is current as of Nov 1, 2021. Rates subject to change at any time. 

Newsletter Sponsorships

Each newsletter will have space for a small number of business card-sized sponsor highlights. You can purchase a single or double-card-sized sponsorship spot.

Introductory pricing: $25 per month for each business-card size spot and $50 for each double-sized spot.

Each newsletter sponsor will also be listed on the front page of the website and will be highlighted on our social media.

Job Listings in the newsletter and website

We offer job listings in the print and e-newsletter versions of our newsletter, as well as placement on our website. 300 character limit.

$10/month for both e-newsletter and print newsletter placement (website is optional and free with the purchase of newsletter placement)

Advertorials on our blog

We will accept advertorials for our website that includes tips, industry information, etc. An advertorial is an article that is sponsored by a business that offers tips, industry insights, etc. An example would be a real estate agent submitting an advertorial providing tips for better curb appeal for your home. No prices or specific calls to action will be included in the advertorial. Contact information is allowed and encouraged.

Introductory pricing:  $60 per 300-500 word blog.

This will include links to your website/social media and the blog will be shared on our social media. You must submit the blog. We can recommend several local writers who can help you with this, including some who offer discounts for this service.