Press Release: ECN Launches in Elkins

This press release was sent to local media. We are so excited for this new chapter!

New nonprofit to serve Elkins community

Elkins Community Network creates hub of community info, collaboration

Elkins, ARK–A new organization that serves Elkins and the surrounding rural communities starts its programming this month, organizers announced. Elkins Community Network already has a new website and is working on its first newsletter.


Our mission is to connect community members and community organizations through information, opportunities, and shared resources. These efforts are designed to amplify and expand current community improvement efforts. Organizations served include local businesses, municipal government departments, nonprofit organizations, and family activities, said Board Treasurer Lynn Francis.

The first initiative, which includes creating both digital and analog communication tools, has already begun. The organization’s new website ( has directories for businesses, community resources, and various community organizations. The organization is also starting a print monthly newsletter that will initially be available for free in local partner businesses. It will have a calendar and community-related news.

“Elkins is unique and as we grow, we want to make sure we maintain our community’s core values of service to others and caring for each other,” said Board President Jamie Smith.

ECN, which is incorporated through the State of Arkansas and has filed for official 501c3 status from the IRS, is operated by a five-member board of directors and will recruit volunteers to help with the various initiatives including the website, newsletter, community events, and other programs.

It was born out of the Elkins-Area Business Networking Group (EABN), which was a grassroots business networking organization. Based on the group’s success, feedback, and further research, organizers decided to expand the organization’s scope to include the entire community. EABN will remain under the Elkins Community Network as the business community. The ECN board is excited about the opportunities this expanded endeavor brings and will continue to build relationships for the benefit of all.