Hear All About It!

Remember the days when people would sit around the dinner table or the breakfast cafe table as they read the newspaper and chatted about local events? As the world has become more digital, there is more looking at phones than printed newspapers, but we all still love to know what’s going on!

Here at ECN, you will find both!

One of the key parts of our mission is to be an information hub for our entire community. Part of that includes providing updated information about what’s going on in our community. It also includes offering ideas of what we want our community to be like now and in the future.

This will happen via two major methods:


Our blog will include events, articles from us, articles from community members, and the opportunity for sponsored advertorials from local businesses.

Newsletter Archive

Starting in May 2021, we will have a newsletter that will have community news items and other community information (submit information here). This is another opportunity for local businesses to sponsor our efforts and let people know what they offer. This newsletter will be both in digital and print form starting in June. You can find a digital version of the newsletter on the Newsletter Archive page.