Help Elkins stay FireWise

Elkins is one of a small number of Arkansas towns that is recognized as a FireWise community. What does this mean exactly? Being a FireWise community requires the local fire department to complete assessments of individual residences for wildfire threats and create a preparedness plan to reduce the risk of damage from wildfire.


The Elkins Volunteer Fire Department (EVFD) has done significant work over the last few years to have Elkins recognized as a Firewise Community, which makes Elkins a safer place and also makes our fire department eligible for additional funding from the Arkansas Department of Forestry. To keep that designation, the fire department needs your help! If you are planning to burn downed tree limbs or dead pine needles, or to remove overgrown shrubs from around your house, or install a metal roof, or complete a number of other home maintenance or home improvement projects, these activities can help Elkins to keep its FireWise status, but only if the EVFD knows about it! Please make sure to follow the Arkansas Fire Prevention Codes, which can be found on the city’s website.


Notifying the EVFD either before or often after doing these types of improvements will help them with their yearly FireWise application. It can be as simple as taking before and after pictures of your home improvement projects or yard work. If you would like more information about what you can do to improve your own property's protection against wildfire, you can visit the Elkins Fire Department page on the city website or contact the EVFD.