Celebrating Independence

Independence Day may not be until next month, but there are several preparations and even events that you should be aware of that are happening this June! 

Elkins Volunteer Fire Department will host its annual celebration June 28 at Bunch Park with concessions by the Lion’s Club in the early evening and fireworks at dusk. Huntsville will host its annual celebration Jumunicipality nearby, we suggest checking the rules where you live. 

Finally, remember that the Fourth ly 4 and Japton will have an event on July 6. As we learn more about other holiday celebrations, we will share about them on our social media. 


According to Arkansas State Law, Fireworks can only be sold June 20-July 10 anywhere in the state. Elkins is expected to have multiple fireworks tents available in town, including two from our long-time sponsor and local business, K&K Fireworks!


In the city limits of Elkins, fireworks can only be set off from 8am to 11pm, July 1-5. If you live in a different of July is one of the biggest days for pets to get lost because they are scared of the fireworks and all the related noise. Don’t wait until the last minute to make sure you have a plan for keeping your pets safe and secure!