AEGIS Summer Camp at Ozark Natural Science Center

Project Wet‘n’Wild will be held from July 11 - July 24 at Ozark Natural Science Center (ONSC), an outdoor science education facility located deep in the Ozark Mountains. The 2 week long camp is free to accepted students, and is only for Arkansas students entering the 10th & 11th grade for the upcoming academic year. Deadline for Application is Wednesday, May 2.


This incredible opportunity offers students the chance to assist field scientists as they gather data and explore a variety of habitats in the Ozark Natural Division. Students will track reptiles using radio-telemetry, assist ornithologists as they band birds captured in mist nets, monitor bats acoustically, search for fish and other aquatic life in the pools and riffles of the Kings River, examine the night sky, and more as they spend beautiful summer days and star-filled nights among the forest and river life. More information available at