Our Goals and Programs

Using our Engage, Empower, Enhance model, we have these programs in mind. 

Website and Newsletter

We envision an ECN website and newsletter that connects area residents with the offerings of community organizations and their resources, as well as local businesses and their offerings. The website will include a business directory, resources directory, and community organizations directory. 

It is currently very difficult for new residents to find information about youth activities such as Boy Scouts or 4H, or adult civic organizations like the Lions Club. Many of these organizations have little to no online presence. Our new website includes a community calendar where these organizations could promote their events as well as share contact information. 

The website would also have an accompanying monthly newsletter. To communicate to our residents that are not online, we would also publish a printed version and provide copies at area businesses, and community buildings, such as our library and Senior Center. There is also a potential for subscribing to the newsletter to be delivered via the Post Office. 

Community Events 

Whether it’s events we help plan or events others are doing we help promote, we will use various community activities such as vendor shows, fundraisers, and fun community events to connect people to each other, resources, and opportunities. 

Specifically, ECN plans to host at least one or two local business expos annually with at least one being part of a large, overall community event. The expos would serve as fundraisers, both for our efforts and to support the fundraiser the community event is designed to serve. These events would be open to any business or nonprofit in our service area to sign up. The expos help to connect local small business and nonprofit communities with local residents, and also bring in additional foot traffic for the raffles, silent auctions and other events benefitting the fundraiser. 

Resource Connection

The third focus area will be helping local community organizations connect with each other and resources to allow them to expand their reach. This includes networking events for businesses and nonprofits, seeking grants for community development programs, and potentially offering educational opportunities such as personal and professional development. 

Are you interested in being involved in any of these programs? Contact us!