Ask most people who live in and around Elkins, Ark. about our core values and you will hear words like “community”, “diversity”, and  “we help each other.” As we grow, we want those core values to remain. To make that possible, we need to discover, secure, and leverage available resources, information, and opportunities that will sustain and improve the quality of life for Elkins-area residents. 

It’s with those thoughts in mind that we at the Elkins Community Network created our mission and vision statements. 

Our Mission

The mission of the Elkins Community Network is to maximize, develop, and facilitate access to shared resources and opportunities for our residents and community supporters by creating a centralized hub for community-based information, education, and enrichment. 


Our Vision

The Elkins Community Network envisions a more vibrant and connected community culture cultivated through the implementation of a scalable Rural Community Success Model in which community leaders from all sectors work together to improve the quality of life for all residents.