2024 a Great Year for Elkins

Can you believe our city will turn 60 in 2024? Elkins as a community is much older but was incorporated in February 1964. You don’t have to have lived here that long to know that we’ve changed so much in that time! 

We’re excited about so many things that are coming to our community, from growing existing programs and events to creating new ones. We wanted to dedicate our first lead article of 2024 to talk about a few things to look forward to in the coming months! 

In our own world here at Elkins Community Network, we’re thrilled to finally get our children’s emergency medical fund going. We’ve signed the papers and just have a few more details to finalize before we launch. This will not be a huge fund, but it will be a way to help children and their families who have been hit with a medical need fill in the gaps where other resources are not meeting the full need. Children living inside the City of Elkins limits OR the boundary lines of the Elkins School District will qualify. We will share more details soon! 

ECN is also thrilled to partner with Mayor Troy Reed and the Community Development Institute at the University of Central Arkansas to conduct a community needs survey, followed by a business needs survey. CDI will also be helping the city with an economic development plan! As our community grows, we want to know what the biggest needs, wants, and ideas are! We are working with Mayor Reed to develop a community leadership team that will help with those surveys and to be a sounding board. We will have more information on this as the time to complete the surveys comes closer and we hope you will all participate! 

The city will also be working to get the first phase of the sewer project completed and hopefully be able to then focus on the next phase. We encourage you to attend the city council meetings in person every month or watch them live-streamed on the city’s Facebook page. The meetings are 7pm every third Thursday of the month. 

This Spring, First Fridays are scheduled to return thanks to Kyle and Caitlin Oxford. Contact Caitlin for more information about being a vendor and any other info you might need about the program. A committee of local residents is working together to bring back Elkfest and currently it’s scheduled for April 20. Yes, that’s much earlier than past years! Committee members want the school kids to be able to participate and also want it cooler so the committee decided to move it. That’s also Earth Day and the Elkins High School Prom night, so there’s lots going on! 

This year is also an election year. Are you registered to vote? If you’ve moved or had any other changes related to your voter registration, you must get this taken care of before the elections! The Arkansas presidential primary is in March and the general election is in November. You must have your voter registration updated by Feb. 5 to participate in the March 5 election. 

That covers the first few months of the year and we can’t wait to see what the community has going on in the following months, too!